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We can provide aluminium honeycomb and we produce foam cored laminated aluminium panels. By staying abreast of technological developments and observing new safety requirements, we are able to incorporate all new construction methods, using fire-resistant and industry certified materials, keeping to the customers’ requirements while maintaining a low cost.

Our panel systems family includes solutions for a segmented wall and ceiling surface design. Our sandwich panels can be customised according to your weight-saving needs through the use of various surface layers made from aluminium or steel as well as through variation of the core materials of mineral wool, foam or aluminium honeycombs. The multitude of design possibilities for the outer surfaces as well as their availability as fully pre-segmented systems make our sandwich systems the perfect product for the interior fittings for vessels of any kind.

For years, transportation builders have relied on lightweight composite panels for increasing the speed and efficiency of their vessel. The high strength and corrosion resistant nature of these panels makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications. Accentec offers complete customization of furniture that includes but is not limited to beds, bunks, wardrobes, desks, cupboards, sofa sets, bookcases and doors. All furniture pieces are made to meet and exceed our clients’ exacting specification. All of our furniture are made with industry approved core and laminates.

Is a one-stop shop for all your building projects. The company has a vast amount of experience in designing transportation interiors, commercial projects, hospitality projects and residential renovations. It offers professional consulting, design / CADD, fabrication services and products to the marine, aviation and construction industry as well as commercial and residential clients.

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We are constantly thinking of novel ways to propel your business forward with our creativity, intuition and determination, differentiating it from your competitors’ and disrupting the market by introducing new and unexpected design elements way beyond your expectations.

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We can creatively look beyond the present situation and imagine possible solutions for your project, steering it in new directions.

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