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ACcore Rigid foam panels is one of the leading brands of extruded foam sheets. Light in weight, the panels are water\fire resistant, with good thermal\sound insulation and is lead-free. ACcore has earned a reputation as a green alternative to plywood with endless application possibilities. The ACcore range of products are extensively used in the transport, construction and furniture sector. It is a superior substitute for Honeycomb, Marine Ply and Particle Board. ACcore has passed RoHS, ISO, TUV PSB and the Singapore Green Label Certification. For more information on the ACcore Rigid Foam range download the brochure here.

ACcore is used in flooring, wall and ceiling for transports as it is a rot-proof alternative to traditional materials like plywood. It is fire resistant and have passed BS6853: Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains. Safe for all passengers as the product is lead-free too.

ACcore sheets boast low thermal conductivity and therefore offer good thermal and sound insulation. They are used in the construction industry as formworks panels and as insulating wall panels.

With the furniture industry primarily using plywood as their material of choice, the practice is not sustainable and green. With ACcore, we will be able to replace the usage and provide a better material that is not only green, but is rot-free, termite and water resistant. The material works like any wood product and has very good screw retention.

Multitudes of shape and profiles can be created using the ACcore rigid foam panels. Decorative screens can be cut to create ceiling and wall partitions. Good flexural strength and excellent working properties make these sheets the ideal material for hugely diverse range of indoor and outdoor applications.

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